Magnetic Messaging Review – Does It Really Work??

These days, it is getting more and more difficult to connect with the opposite sex, and if you’re a guy who is interested in connecting with a girl, you have to know exactly what to say, when to say it and how to say it, because once your window of opportunity is closed, there is just no opening it back up again!
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What is Magnetic Messaging?

The magnetic messaging system is a large collection of handy hints and information on the best approach when texting girls, collated into an ebook (as well as some extras).

The e-book takes you through how to engage, interact and connect with women at all different stages of a relationship, from when you first meet, to when you’re sort of dating, and so on, depending on where you would like things to go.

Right from the start, the magnetic messaging system tries to make you understand how text conversations differ from actual conversations and what you must do to adjust.

It also teaches you about the key lock system that, when followed, has incredible results. This is a 3 step texting system developed by Bobby Rio for securing any date. Bobby Rio refers to the system as “key, turn and push”, likening it to opening a locked door. The process is about sparking an emotion, making a connection and organizing logistics.

Where did this program come from?

Magnetic Messaging is a three-step program that has been designed and perfected by two renowned dating advisers,  Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. The two of them have each written popular books on dating techniques in the past, but with Magnetic Messaging they have solved one of the overriding problems that men are finding today; the fact that they can get a girl’s phone number, but that they aren’t successful in getting together with her after that. But with the valuable information contained in the Magnetic Messaging pdf, men will be able to leverage that phone number and use SMS/text technology to capture any woman’s attention.

The Magnetic Messaging three step process is what its creators call a Key Lock Sequence, and it is based on scientific research into the laws of attraction and what most appeals to women. Therefore, the very first step described in the downloadable Magnetic Messaging ebook is to send what the book refers to as an Emotional Message. The end result of an effective emotional message is that it plays on the woman’s feelings, making her think about you and want to be with you. A really good emotional message makes her think that she already has an idea of who you are.

The second step in the process is bonding; it takes the emotional message one step farther, making her want to actually be with you. Men who learn to compose a strong bonding message from the program will find that by the time that they actually ask the woman out on a date she will be anxious to be with them, because they will already have been imagining what it is like to be with them.
Finally, the third step in the process is all about getting the woman to crave the message creator. It introduces a level of sexual tension that ensures that the end-result of the messaging back and forth will be a very successful date.

Magnetic Messaging Text Examples

Sent the day after to a girl Rob had met at a bar:

“I just had a life changing cup of coffee! I hope you’re having a good morning too.”

This has some pleasantry, but more jumping in the middle of the conversation. It is a good idea to avoid starting simply with pleasantries. Messages like “Hey, how’s it going?” or “How was your day?” put the pressure on her to have to think of an answer.

Good way to propose a meetup:

“Alright, meet me for a drink. No pressure. It’ll be like a blind date of sorts, but you know to look out for a 647-pound sexbomb. Let’s meet at 8 in front of O’Leary’s Pub on 54th and 3rd Ave.”

If a girl asks what you look like:

“well, I lost a little wight since we met, so I’m down to 6447 pounds and I’m only missing 5 teeth now. You gotta check me out :)”

This is not the same old boring response and it will instantly make you seem playful and fun to be around.

If you’re interested in simply knowing the best text for any situation,  Magnetic Messaging comes with a bonus ebook called “99 Best Texts of all time”. You could literally look up what to write in a message for any situation.

What are people saying about the Magnetic Messaging program?

The Magnetic Messaging system has an extensive amount of introductory and explanatory information on its website where it is sold, and that includes a lot of very positive testimonials from men who have used the product with great success; they report that they were able to get many more dates, and that they were even able to use it to turn situations where they had been unsuccessful with specific women into successful interactions.

Here are some quotes from real-world satisfied customers:

“it does have a lot more “in depth” explanations about the psychology aspect, and some more example texts & such.”

“I’ve been Texting with this one girl, using Rob Judges MAGNETIC MESSAGING key sequence program and shes been very engaged in my texts, saying how much fun I am (from the night we met in person) to how funny I am via text.”

“they do give out some free info about it somewhere if you give up your email. But I bought it and so far its been working pretty well the bonuses you can get right now are pretty useful especially the 99 best texts eBook.

I’m flirting with a girl I met online using what I learn from it right now and just got her number she’s in class right now and is still texting me hella flirty stuff totally worth the $47 and you get the option of adding a ton seriously like 6 or 7 other products for hella cheap too”

What else is there to know about Magnetic Messaging?

Magnetic Messaging
The Magnetic Messaging E-Book itself is 185 pages long, and is broken down into six parts, each of which go into painstaking detail about the process and the best way to make use of text messages to build anticipation, to contact a woman after having had sex with her, and perhaps most importantly, how to avoid devastating mistakes on the phone or via text that can eliminate any progress that has been made.

The program comes with additional bonus add-ons to make it even more valuable to its users, including a selection of the most effective text messages that have been previously used; this is a tremendous time saver for those who want to get started right away, or who need examples before they embark on their own creative endeavors.

How Much Does it Cost?

Magnetic Messaging is available for a purchase price of $47, and in addition to the downloadable pdf of the ebook itself, it also includes an additional guide referred to as the Infatuation Formula, which is a guide to increasing the emotional content of your text. As part of the purchase, you will have the option to trial the Magnetic Messaging mastermind kit for free for 1 month. This kit also offers a monthly e-newsletter that offers continually updated information including video downloads and other information on getting girls. If you decide to stay on after the first free month, the Magnetic Mastermind kit costs $39.97 per month for 5 months.

Will it really work?

The overall goal of the Magnetic Messaging program is very clearly stated in the program’s sales materials – it is designed to help men who are having problems getting women learn how to go beyond simply getting a woman’s phone number. The program will help them get a woman’s attention and keep it – all with an eye to getting a woman into bed. If you are looking for information on how to establish a long-term relationship, it will not provide you with any guidance, but if you are looking for information on how to make the first critical step to making a connection, then this is a good bet.

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